What you must understand – Before You Buy Valorant !

   So here we give you some straight-up gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games to releasing and Today we are talking about valor it yes, this is technically a free-to-play game we talked about free-to-play games here so call it before you download I don’t know it’s our series man valor it is a big thing and we figured we’d have to acknowledge it saw its full 1.0 release on PC on June 2nd and we dove in with pretty much no prior experience so I want to be very clear here I’ll let you know what the game is how it all goes down and some personal opinion but this is a bit out of the game ranked steams realm because it’s a game with a focus on highly competitive eSports stuff it’s like in a whole different gaming world from ours here so like we’re not gonna blow smoke up your butts and pretend like we’re champs or anything you know.

      This gameplay is mine and a lot of Andrews as well on the team because he’s much better than me clearly Valerie is a strictly competitive multiplayer PC first-person shooter and has taken a lot of the world by storm because of its highly publicized pre-release access and just dominating twitch and it’s from Riot Games the folks behind League of Legends so yeah I mean like enough said at least for a lot of fans honestly describing the game is extremely straightforward the main mode it’s like a team of five versus a team of five one team on the offensive to break through and plant a bomb the other team to defend and possibly defuse the bomb in quick fast-paced rounds you switch sides through it and its first two 13 and these matches go on for quite a while sometimes and after each round by the way you get credits.

     So you’ll always get some but how much you get depends on your performance you then have a small period of time before the next round starts to spend this in match cash on weapons armor and limited use abilities oh and in gameplay there are spray-paint tags so does that all sound a lot like counter-strike yes it absolutely is you know the movement of the rounds the pinpoint accuracy you need the quick deaths to turn the corner and instant headshot pre aiming all of that stuff is here all of that familiar feel that csgo feel is here you know it’s quick it’s brutal sometimes you get mad gameplay loop can be pretty satisfying but it’s  not just like completely derivative.

     The other big factor is it’s got elements of a hero shooter and it mixes those concepts fairly creatively with the match foundations and rules and stuff so you choose a hero character or an agent these characters that come from all over the world in the near future in this realm they followed roughly into four different classes there’s duelist initiator Sentinel and controller each is tailored to do something a little bit different on the field like hold back and support initiate first or just power through conflict the differences seem pretty subtle at first and are definitely more for the competitive players looking to play extremely perfectly and maxed out but it’s there and it seems pretty solid you know balanced well enough at least from what I can see just jumping in the first two days or so of course this is going to evolve this is an ongoing game.

      And some of the designs of the characters are pretty cool and there are some hilarious voice lines but it’s all pretty hit or miss for me some I like quite a bit like Phoenix cipher and breach while some are completely forgettable I don’t know it’s hard with so many multiplayer games that have rosters of specific heroes you know how do you make them memorable I wish these were a bit more memorable you know but maybe the people playing this type of game don’t even really care about the characters or how cute or lovable they are I don’t know what they can do in the field though is pretty awesome so each character has a standard ability they can use each round and they all vary very wildly let air drop in smoke bombs to obscure the enemies sight and give you cover the ground in flames so an enemy can pass through a lane slower or getting hurt there’s like a – a bolt that I can identify the entire team for you in a vicinity healing orbs revivals and much more these are all pretty creative and fun to learn how to use in the right situation.

    And it instantly gives the game a bit more nuance you know a deeper level to learn and I think that’s where a lot of the appeal is characters also have a big powerful alt that you can use that it builds up over time for me doing things and collecting these orbs in the world some are more strategic than others some shoot through walls some are massive blasts you can teleport across the map with one guy but all of them take a minute or two to learn and just like how to use them properly and in the right scenarios.

     What I also really enjoy is that in the weapon purchase screen you can purchase a few mapped limited use abilities and you can buy more of them and refill them every round if you want and each character has different ones specific to them this stuff is really cool I just like how each of those little abilities that you can buy makes each character feel specifically different combine all the abilities and that’s where valor and does feel really unique like you can say it’s overwatch character stuff in csgo gameplay but at least the abilities and the character differences really do help make it feel at least somewhat fresh blocking off a lane from the enemy team is really fun suddenly you know a wall of ice or fire slows their approach for just a couple of crucial seconds or maybe covers your ass coordinating a fire flashbang flare thing or with a cloud of smoke and maybe a good perfectly timed headshot that is all where the appeal is when it really is moving good now there is room for tons of teamwork and coordination here riot totally pushes it on you when you first fire up the game I had myself and Andrew playing and using our abilities and tandem fine but you might see a lot of chaos on your screen right now as you’re watching just cause it’s the early days at a game and frankly we got matched up with a lot of people like us who were still learning the game and a lot of people who surprisingly didn’t have mics and it will just didn’t feel like using the in-game tagging or communication stuff so things would often fall apart but the few matches where there was good communication you can see how this game can really shine in a good competitive team scene.

      Strategically choosing proper lanes and approaches coordinating your abilities to work together and block off routes or push back the team or even corner them sometimes can be really satisfying when it’s all flowing I do wish the guns were more exciting though I just want a bit more of a thrill to some of them you know maybe a little more iconic stuff you know like there’s the a K there’s the pistol the revolver the submachine gun there’s two sniper rifles one obviously being the bigger bad or one that costs more some of them have some really great sound design like the loud crack of a sniper but the weapons like some of the characters are kind of forgettable at least for me personally.

      But what I do like is scooping up weapons in the earlier parts of the game and planning how your team spends maybe one person spends on one thing and another person spends on another thing or maybe gives another player or something else that stuff that communication that teamwork to circle back is really great and the guns as much as they are a little forgettable they do get better if he got skins for him the skins are pretty cool and at least make the guns look a little better you can unlock special skins and then work through unlocking different variants for Boredoms as well as of course these little add-on buddies that are basically keychains for your guns now the gun skins this is where the free-to-play stuff comes in you can purchase weapons skins with an in-game store currency that you get for your real hard earned money there’s valiant points and radio Knight which are used for different thing it’s nothing super gross or egregious it’s just typical free to play with style stuff there’s also a battle pass which you can buy into or just play some of it if that’s your thing that’s your thing but overall there’s a good amount of progression you know there’s agents to work through unlocking like free agents there’s player cards that are kind of like your little ID thing and then there’s the weapon skins all that to keep you interested along with keeping track of all your matches in a very nice handy and clear career menu thing.

     Honestly the interface for the whole thing is very well done speaking of which upon launch we did have very slight issues getting into a game we have like one issue and with a game launch as big as this you know that, this anticipated, that’s really commendable just not having a long queue props to them yeah you have a spy crush you have unrated and custom game matchmaking you can do open or closed just so you know so I’ll say if you straight-up love the thrill of the match and the teamwork in the competition for certain types of games give it a try since it’s free you might like it, it’s not totally my thing and I also want more sometimes it feels a little dead you know a little quiet and bland from the graphics and the look of the maps and just the animations and everything the maps themselves though they’re designed incredibly well, with some sightlines and just great corners to priam.

      I’ll also just get domed from but they just look like standard video game stuff and this might be another factor that some players just don’t care about, they don’t care how the levels look, they just care about how they are designed they’re therefore the raw gameplay and it is definitely here in valor and it knows what it wants to do they wants you to play it, I’d love to see more in general and I assume more is coming you know more Maps more modes more character stuff like that but this valor right here is a very good foundation and like I said earlier this game is going to massively evolve and we can’t really predict where it’s gonna go I think this game does have a bright future, I mean it’s kind of obvious that’s an easy call to make considering it’s hugely popular already but yeah that’s valid and that’s up before you buy you know how those goes by now we give you some pros some cons and some personal opinions.