June 2020 is coming up very quick and we’ve got a bunch of great games coming out, today on game ranks the top seven new games of June 2020 starting off at number seven is Desperados three a prequel to the strategy stealth series and the first in the series to come out since 2007 this looks like a really darn good stealth game to me there’s some elements of it that really remind me of old-school metal gear but the way it’s developed the idea of the view cone you know where the enemy can see you is really cool instead of having a mini map that shows you all of that information. It is projected on the actual main map and the view cone itself actually gives you the various stages the evasion stage… I’m obviously using Metal Gear terminology to explain this but it really reminds me of the older school Metal Gear which is good I’ve kind of been craving something like this for a while and given how long has been since a Desperados title like I said there hasn’t been a game in this series since 2007 and in truth I’d pretty much forgotten the series even existed I’m totally there for this update to it though what’s cool it is actually narrative driven so while it refers to itself as a real-time tactics stealth game or a strategy stealth cam it doesn’t just aim to suck you in through the gameplay but trying to give you an immersive world and real motivations to complete these missions. It’s obviously set in the Wild West cowboy game but you have five different characters with different skills and the ability to do non-lethal and lethal honestly it looks like a ton of fun I can’t wait to play it Desperados 3 is coming to PC ps4 and Xbox one on June 16 and number six is the Elder Scrolls online Greymon which is being billed as a descent into the dark heart of skyrim,the official plot is stopping a vampire Lord from enslaving the entirety of Tamriel but isn’t true the continuation of the story that began with Harrow storm now well you have seen Skyrim in Elder Scrolls online the entirety of Western Skyrim is unlocked in Graham Warren.

       According to Bethesda this is going to be a 30-hour quest and is actually the start of a dark heart of Skyrim year long adventure gray more being the first chapter so there’s a lot more to do aside from these 30 hours they’ve promised also there’s something they’re calling an antiquity system where you’ll uncover the world’s hidden history according to marketing materials obviously it’s an elaborate lore system which is fine I mean it’s probably a bit of a collectathon in some respects however I do think for a lot of people that’s actually fun uncovering the history of Skyrim it’s I mean that’s not something I don’t want to do graeme or itself is history it happens 900 years before the actual Skyrim game so it should be really interesting to see exactly what’s different about Skyrim and of course it will always be fun to see a region of Elder Scrolls updated for the much better look that is the Elder Scrolls online.

     At number five is ninjalah which is a splatoon like for lack of a better term however I’ve actually identified in previous videos that I think it retains a lot of legend of the mystical ninja slash goemon influence if you remember that series if you basically made those games into a multiplayer game very akin to splatoon I believe this is essentially what you’d have as far as the look it definitely eight splatoon a lot more than anything else but instead of painting you’re hacking and slashing with ninja weapons doing disguises that are quite frankly very silly and enjoying a killer very legend of the mystical ninja ish samurai sounding soundtrack.

     I may be projecting the legend of the mystical ninja stuff onto it I don’t know, I haven’t played it yet. of course but I’m really excited for it, it looks like a super fun game and like the yo-yo for instance has got me quite interested it looks silly in the right way and it is free to play which offers a distinct advantage of I will have it day one no questions but also does open the door to some stuff that we obviously aren’t super excited about we’ll see exactly to what extent that stuff makes its appearance but outside of that concern this looks like possibly one of the most fun multiplayer games and if it turns out to be as good as it looks. Then it’s my opinion that we have a real contender for a switch multi player game of the year here that game is hitting June 24th I will be checking it out at number four disintegration is an interest in looking game it builds itself as a sci-fi FPS with RTS elements now the way I’ve kind of translated this mentally is it looks a lot like you pilot these devices called grav cycles and in some ways command a small team in a manner that reminds me a little bit of like a MOBA and I mean kind of along the lines of a league of legends you have the ability to direct your team to attack specific targets perform various tasks collect things etc

      I think it’s actually a really clever combination of ideas and if it actually works well it actually sounds like a unique and probably really good game the world it’s set in is pretty interesting looking it’s post-apocalyptic there’s been a pandemic maybe a little bit too on-the-nose for some people at the moment but maybe not I don’t know it’s not gonna book me the co-creator of Halo is who came up with this game and I think in all actuality it looks like it has a lot of personality on top of being like a clever gameplay combination of ideas and there’s also PvP multiplayer with pilots and crews which sounds in truth like it could have a lot of potential given the combination of types of games we’re talking here disintegration is making its way on to PC but also the two major console platforms ps4 and Xbox one on June 16. I’m probably gonna try it on PC it looks like something that might be a little easier to control there but we’ll see at number three is Sponge Bob Squarepants battle for bikini bottom rehydrated which is one of those games that you have nostalgia for only when you remember exists it was a long time ago it came out for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube Xbox as well that was back in 2003. It’s a game that really looks like it’s from 2003 but they’ve done a lot in updating it so it doesn’t really look quite as nightmarish and yeah that’s the kind of game it looked like because they don’t really have like tune shading in it they had kind of weirdly just lack of detail type shading but they’ve gone ahead and made this a very colorful remake they’ve added a lot to the visual aesthetic in that respect as well as making it so that the characters themselves don’t have nightmares shadows all over them all the time the lighting behaves a lot more like a cartoon and it overall just looks a lot betterit looks like the core game itself even down to levels though has been preserved at the time it was kind of harshly reviewed on account it was a collect Thun and it came out at a time when there was literally just a million of them however looking back it’s actually a pretty darn good game and it’s pretty cool that they went back to remake it.

      They’ve also added a multiplayer element as well as included a bunch of cut content spongebob squarepants battle for bikini bottom rehydrated comes to PC ps4 Xbox one and switch on the 23rd and over to is valance a new game from the League of Legends creators at Riot Games valor ins is billing itself as a tactical shooter along the lines of Rainbow six siege or csgo there are some obvious other elements here for instance they call the different characters agents you select one at the beginning of the match .

      They have different abilities and therefore strategically speaking that kind of adds some overwatch elements to it however as far as the style of play they really want you to think along the lines of csgo the main mode in this game is to plant a bomb again like I said csgo very large inspiration here well the other team tries to stop you but from the looks it adds so much stuff that it feels like something different all together now I’m very intrigued by this I think that it sounds put together well enough that adding abilities to csgo and a pseudo class system that doesn’t actually take it all the way over to overwatch sounds like a pretty tantalizing idea.

       Honestly these are apparently fast paced matches that if they manage to go on way too long are an hour first a 13 round wins is the winner and I imagine that will take significantly less than an hour I don’t know looks and sounds really good to me valor –nt comes out on PC it’s free-to-play and I’ll be hitting June 2nd.

      And finally at number one is the Last of Us part two of course a game that you could spoil for yourself very badly but overall we’re talking about the next installment in something that we’re very happy has become a series we’re very interested to see where it goes, what happened at the end of the first game has had us all very curious for a very long time but that’s not the only reason to go into this what it really looks like is that they’ve expanded upon the game’s mechanics to such a degree that I think it really looks like a big jump we’re talking a lot of different stealth mechanics we’re talking a jump button we’re talking more vertical combat situations Ellie being the main character the game makes the game fairly different from Joel cos Joel is a big fellow who’s strong Ellie’s a bit smaller and a little more nimble and they’ve made systems that accommodate that also they’ve tried to make it so the stuff you find in the environment is more useful for you and I’m just looking forward to seeing exactly how far they were able to take it Last of Us 2 comes out ps4 June 19th also we got a couple of bonus games for you first command & Conquer remastered edition.

       Now I’m pretty stoked about this because although I wasn’t really big into the original command & Conquer I played command & Conquer Red Alert so much and I can totally see myself just absolutely getting right into it they’ve remastered the graphics to be 4k you can actually go ahead and switch between the old graphics and new at any time I’m not really a hundred percent sure which I prefer the new looks very much like the old except for much higher detai.l The game looks really intact I’m at very least going to play Red Alert again it’s that simple the command & Conquer remastered edition hits PC on June 5th our last one is fortnite chapter 2 season 3 fortnite is obviously one of the bigger forces in gaming so it would be remiss not to mention it and of course anybody who is playing that game is looking forward to the next chapter that is of course hitting PC ps4 Xbox one and switch on June.