Top 15 NEW PS5 Games From Sony Event 2020

This “taco” inspired fan-made concept design for the PS5 copies the DualSense controller’s colorway. (Image source: VR4Player)

          The PlayStation 5 is here and they blew the doors out of the place with their presence and today on game ranks the top 15 new PS 5 games announced at the PS 5 event. Just a quick disclaimer a few games that have already been announced we’re not gonna talk about god fault death loop and ghost wire Tokyo I mean we’ve seen stuff about these games we saw a little more today but not a lot and we already know about them so let’s just move on starting at number 15 is return.

       This is a really an interesting thriller that kind of has that edge of tomorrow vibe to it you’re an astronaut who lands on a planet dies and continually lives out this cycle of living on this planet and dying the trailer makes mention of the world kind of melding with her being and how things change every time it looks like it’s a third-person shooter but it looks like there’s a lot more to it narrative Lee speaking and for that the reason this looks like a good PlayStation 5 exclusive to me we don’t have a specific date for it but I am certainly looking forward to moving on to number 14 it’s spider-man Miles Morales which is a holiday 2020 exclusive I didn’t figure we were getting a spider-man sequel this year but I’m pretty stoked about that there’s a the decent chance we’re not talking about a full-scale sequel but rather a standalone smaller game like infamous first light but that still sounds great most likely we’re gonna see it expand on the systems that we saw in spider-man which was as you know a great game this time around it’s Miles Morales I can’t tell you exactly what continuity that places this in miles is in a lot of different continuities but I think we can have decent expectations as to exactly what the game itself will be 

    Let me tell you I’m ready for that specifically definitely looking forward to the holiday and number 13 is Destruction Allstars which is just the coolest looking driving game while they certainly did focus a lot on single-player games and I appreciate it when they went multiplayer they made sure we were gonna be stoked now we don’t know a lot about this title but we do know that you play as a human who can get in and outside of a car in this wild arena Destruction Derby that looks to be a physics playground this is an exclusive game and to me that says well looks like they’ve got a killer multiplayer ad for the PlayStation 5 cause if it’s seven half as fun as it looks eats that moving on to number 12 its Ratchet and Clank rift apart which not only shows us we get a new Ratchet and Clank title not only shows us that insomniac has the budget to do two games at once not only gets us hyped and nostalgic at the same time but it’s also a tech demo we got to see how the high speed PS 5 SSDs affect loading and Wow is the answer we’re just streaming in new worlds all the time jumping through these portals never loading once it would be so incredibly complex to even fake all of this teleporting but they’re not faking it looks they’re not loading in cheap geometry that looks like a level they’re loading in these huge detailed environments that look amazing on top of that the gameplay looks absolutely enjoyable as hell and I cannot wait to return to the world of Ratchet and Clank we don’t have a release date for this one but I’m there at number 11 is Project Athiya a game that looks incredibly fast-paced for a square Enix title but at the same time has that Final Fantasy 15 look like the environment to me is very reminiscent of that and frankly it should be reminiscent of that it’s made by the same team however it looks like they added a lot of color to the equation it looks to some extent of this game basis itself not just around combat but also around environmental traversal and it looks very interesting to me it’s very surreal-looking very otherworldly and aesthetically reminded me of Dark Souls a little bit, however the gameplay does look a lot faster in pace.

        We did not geta release date for this title and given the fact that it has the word project in the name’s probably gonna be a long time but hey project they look coolas hell moving on to number 10 it’s stray it’s that cat game from the UnrealEngine dude and it looks beyond neat to me this is something we talked about when we’re talking about the Unreal Engine and it’s probably not an exclusive but it’s neat that they showed it here stray is this game where you play as what seems to be a delivery in this post-human world occupied exclusively by robots, it’s a charming looking title and it manages to be fun it’s probably gonna be a classic honestly at number nine is Kanna bridge of spirits which is a game that kind of looks like a DreamWorks cartoon if it was a breath of the wild the combat does look fairly distinct from the breath of the wild however you can tell that it is at least somewhat influenced by the Nintendo title that being said it’s way more detailed and it’s not the only title on this list that in my opinion kind of looks like that mid-90s random PlayStation 1 aesthetic brought in to a new world.

   I don’t know exactly how intentional that is with this title because I don’t think it’s a PlayStation exclusive I don’t know but it does look great and I will be playing a kind of when it comes out whenever that might be a number eight is solar ash which is a game from the hyperlight drifter guys at heart machine to me, this looks somewhere between hyper light drifter and journey in that it gives you this a very surrealistic landscape that you appear to be journeying towards the another side of however it also gives the impression there is going to be a lot of combat-oriented stuff in the game both of those games are some of my favorites from the last decade so if I’m even vaguely right with my instincts here and it turns out good solar ash is gonna be a hell of a game that hits us in 2021 at number 7 is a little devil inside a game that we still know relatively little about other than it’s an action RPG that looks cool as hell it’s got a very the distinct visual style and seems to send this samurai knight type out into various very hostile environments to complete missions it does identify itself as a hack and slash the steam a page for the PC version lists local co-op as a feature which could be pretty cool.

       Although again we don’t know exactly what this game will turn out to be still we’ve seen a lot of varying environments with a lot of interesting enemies, I guess that our guy is some kind of monster hunter and he’s going off into world to do that little devil inside looks great can’t wait to play it and number six is Prag mono which is a capcom game that I don’t know what to say about I do not know if it takes place on earth if it takes place on the moon if it takes place in VR clearly it's some kind of fake world I’ll say but beyond that we don’t know a lot it is intriguing though and Capcom’s kind of been on a roll lately.

   So I’m quite excited to see what this turns out to be pragmatic is coming out in 2022 those so it’s going to be a while at number five it’s hitman three I’m just totally there for hitman three hitman wanted to have been phenomenal they’ve been graphical powerhouses themselves but we have every reason to assume that this is going to be an even bigger and better tour-de-force of the insane stealth franchise the trailer hyped agent 47 the biggest contract ever but I mean that’s not why I’m playing hitman I’m playing it because it’s hitman and it’s wonderful give me more hitman everyday oh I have to wait till January 2021 that sucks at number 4 is a demon soul remake I don’t know that I need to say a lot it’s the game that started the souls trend it’s a little different than Dark Souls it has a slightly goofy er tone but like very slightly goofy er I mean I have to emphasize slightly here guys however it looks like a very beautiful total remake from the ground up of your the journey towards fighting the old one we do not have a release date for it however, there’ll be two different graphical modes one that favors fidelity and the other that favors framerate I can tell you I’ll be a frame rate all the way I can’t wait to play demon souls to be honest with you I’m there for this and number three is Grand Turismo 7 which we didn’t get a massive amount of detail about however the gameplay footage we saw of it was beautiful I think that it got obscured a little bit the stream quality wasn’t amazing and there is not a 4k version of it on YouTube yet.

   So what I’ve been able to see does suffer from some really bad compression artifacts however it is safe to say that the lighting and reflections and all of the stuff that free tracing might improve definitely look very much improved and they also made sure everyone knew that there’s a full-blown campaign I’m there but also I want some more details guys its a ps5 exclusive sony owns Gran Turismo but we don’t know when it’s hitting at number two is Resident Evil 8 which was not something we expected to see today however ,I’m there for it they took a bit of a turn into the supernatural which sounds kind of odd but honestly like this trailer blew my mind it looks great also the way they revealed it was a Resident Evil game was hilarious they showed the word village so you’re like a game called village what and then revealed the Roman numerals ate and wrote Resident Evil under I mean it was  fairly humorous in my opinion but honestly, I feel like they started a hype train here I’m there for every choice on the trailer Resident Evil 8 is gonna hit sometime in 2021 we’ll be following it closely and finally, horizon zero dawn to which we all honestly kind of expected horizon was a really big game when it came out and it really like showed like hey single-player games guys single-player games yeah single-player games and I feel like that influence was felt throughout this entire presentation.

        We were given a lot of single-player games and the horizon was a big game that sort of reminded people that they could be good and fresh and interesting we’re continuing the story here where the United States is the new area we’ll be exploring this is a bleak post-apocalyptic future with robot dinosaurs everywhere and apparently there’s something threatening the entire world although we don’t know much about it yet horizon – definitely an exclusive and also no release date doesn’t stop us from getting hype we’ve got some bonus mentions for use well.

     I mean there were a lot of games that we saw today first is sack boy a big adventure which looks to be sort of rebranding the LittleBigPlanet franchise it’s a kind of a Super Mario 3d Land type thing which I’m okay with bring that looks great looks like fun co-op that’s an exclusive we also saw a jet I don’t know exactly what to say about you look like you control some kind of a rocket on various different environments we’re gonna need to hear more about this to fully understand it’s a small game it does look interesting though then we have NBA 2k 21 which is probably the  only way you’re gonna be watching the NBA for a while I mean you can set up some AI matches and do that or just play it cause NBA 2k is, of course, fun franchise our man looks super sweaty and we didn’t get any like full-blown actual gameplay to make any judgments from so it should be interesting when it hits current systems in fall 2020.

   And of course PS 5 later in the year a the goofy-looking title called bug snacks by the Octodad people where you eat variously different types of bugs that are shaped like food which makes your limbs and body become shaped like the food I don’t know what to say other than it looks trippy and funs it’s got a slightly demented sense of humor and I like that goodby volcano hype which looks like a fairly artsy high school game it’s got a cool art style looks kind of anime-ish if you’re into anthropomorphic animals and stories that appear to glorify high school alienation this is the way to go for you odd world soul storm is our next game looks like they’re doing the right thing and making a 2-d a obtain I’m there for that, that’s basically what I’ve wanted from the odd world inhabitants for a long time outside of the remakes are great might I add and finally for the VR folks Astros playroom is making a return I’m stoked about that like your a playroom is a really good platform game for VR like surprisingly good.