The monster PlayStation5 – Can XBOX Survive This?

   The individual game that I am the most excited about from this reveal is Resident Evil 8 the other Capcom game looks awesome in concept but too far away to get excited that screen xscape looks awesome in concept too far away to get to be excited like a few of these things that I’m cool with are just too far away there is very few things to appeal to like super hardcore audiences like sony, has some super hardcore audiences by the balls.

   Sometimes like you have these grand scope games that are gonna make everyone go like wow cool like spider-man and horizon and you know things like that Demon Souls was one of them, Demon Souls is like super hardcore audience we’re gonna go after them and that was their demon souls thing I feel like they needed to do more of that they needed to be more like things that just grab this super hardcore audience by the balls make them scream that they’re so happy and if there’s more games to come like if this is the first of many I don’t know, I don’t even know if there’s been an announcement that there’s more so that’s gonna be happening but a lot of what they’re doing is like broad scope stuff.

 You know very like this game is an appeal towards almost everyone they’re the very low risk sort of reveals in many ways so that’s why I feel like it’s a 7 it feel like a lot of what happened here, feels very safe I mean I just sold everything I think looks great I’m not saying I’m not talking shit.

    A comparison to what Microsoft has been doing and what games they seemingly have in the back burner this is infinitely better ,I don’t think Microsoft is gonna come close to impressing with their first party stuff in any way like this I don’t think so Xbox is revealed technically didn’t even happen yet because Xbox is revealed was only third party games but I don’t think Microsoft’s gonna come close at all I don’t think they’re coming close at all compared to this and the scale of which they’re showing things.

     I don’t think Halo is gonna look nearly as impressive as horizon in no way absolutely not zero confidence that Microsoft has any idea how to like grab people with gears or Halo or probably their most impressive game over the Xbox like their big Triple A games over the previous generation most likely as Forza says a lot right that says a lot that Forza is really the big impress now , you know what I’m glad, I’m glad that the PS 5 and the Xbox look way different than each other you know I’m gonna say that I don’t think Xbox is gonna be able to beat it. I think Xbox by comparison might be like a 6 or 5 because I don’t think Xbox is, I think Xbox is gonna have a lot Of stuff ,what the console can do and backwards compatibility and yadda yadda yadda which is great that’s the stuff I’m actually the most excited about for Xbox.

     But do I think that their games are gonna hit on the same level that Sony’s games well absolutely not man I don’t think any first party Microsoft games are gonna have the OMPH of even what Demon Souls and spider-man did .cause, I think those games have some fucking boom horizon doesn’t have the oomph for me but it definitely has own for that game sold a lot I think he’ll play two will be cool but I don’t even play Hellboy I’ll buy one when’s the Microsoft event probably in less than a month they’ll probably be at the beginning of July but we don’t know yet halo infinite I do not have much faith is gonna be good.

     Right, I don’t know maybe it’s just me pragma da right on PC ghost wires gonna be on PC the like that’s think Prague motto is really cool we were talking about it that’s a cool that’s gonna be a cool last capcom game I don’t know for like big surprises I don’t think the PS 5 event was great right I think it was good I think they had enough stuff to be like alright ,yeah I don’t know when anything’s coming out right that’s the thing nothing said of a launch date or what’s actually coming out at launch nothing said anything about that but when Microsoft eventually does have their conference I don’t think anything first party from Microsoft can get me surprised at this one because we already know killer instincts not happening do.

       You think blood-borne is still happening I don’t know when or if they’re gonna make that announcement you got it you got to realize chat they spoken nothing of backwards compatibility today they spoke nothing of what the system is going to enhance our play the previous generation games they spoke nothing of the generations before that we know very little of what the playstation 5 is actually going to do we know very little of what that system is doing other than it looks like a big fucking modem this is like this big right and I am like okay just by comparison here’s my chest here mine here’s my head this is tall as fuck it’s like a foot and a half it is insanely this is the longest system I have ever seen it’s in its nut its bigger than an original Xbox but I think the chance of them showing that their previous generation games are gonna be running better or anything like that it’s gonna be safe for like you know a future show that’s gonna be saved for a bit later.

    They’re waiting this is all about games right this event was all about games and here’s the hardware reveal but no date no price no talk about what’s – changing with PSN no talk about anything else what the hardware is actually going to do in terms of convenience why do we need a disk drive in one nothing right we’re saving it yeah they’re essentially saving that for a bit later .

    Microsoft is probably hoping that Sony was gonna say something here about their price but Sony didn’t now it seems like the balls in Microsoft’s court but it can get stolen again right now there’s a big game of chess happening between Microsoft and Sony even though Sony’s gonna win regardless they’re playing chess with each other and they are attempting to one-up each other again because this is how Sony won the previous generation.

     Sony won the previous generation by making a trailer with a cellphone back in 2013 between Shuhei Yoshida and what’s-his-name the dude that runs iron galaxy now that is like the leader of iron galaxy and that little video of like here’s how you share a pre-owned game there you go and that was it that one Adam boys yeah that trailer that little thing that Adam boys and Shuhei Yoshida made that was the checkmate this little thing that they filmed throw up some studio throw up a light took no time that tiny trailer was made in direct response to what Microsoft said within like 24 hours and they won.

    So you gotta what you got it, you got to understand where Microsoft is coming from they are not wanting that to happen again it worked it was there was 20 seconds long was hilarious it was the smartest thing they could have ever have done because Microsoft was doing everything to piss people off at the time if they can get our ps4 games at least our big first party ps4 games horizon one blood-borne spider-man God of War we can get those games running in better frame rates and higher resolutions.

    Yeah I care I really care if we can get you know going back several generations that this PlayStation 5 is going to represent all the Playstations and you can play games from all Playstations I think that’s a pretty big deal I care about that – I think that’s dope ,specifically I want to play God of War spider-man ps4 and blood-borne on high frame rates high resolutions that’s what I want really bad Xbox is already doing that right ,the problem is there’s my problem with the Xbox already doing that I don’t care about any Xbox one games except killer instinct and I already have Kay on PC.

      That’s my issue with the Xbox is like the Xbox one X already is doing that for me I stick in my disk of fusion fucking frenzy into my xbox one X it reads the disc and I play fusion frenzy or Ninja Gaiden black or any of these crazy old games at like 4k and they look incredible they’re already doing it that’s why I like think the X this series X is fucking awesome there is no Xbox one exclusive games outside of ki which already scales up on the 1x and already that is on PC there’s no other original there’s no other Xbox one games that give a shit about that our first party like what could you boost up higher from the Xbox one console generation that I give a shit about.

    I’m sure some people will say things like gears in Halo and Forza stuff like that what else was like a like I’m actually curious I, want to be proven wrong from the Xbox one generation that can be bumped up,you are saying code or and sunset yeah sunset overdrive is a good one but you are saying like code or and all these old games no I’m not saying those games I’m saying fable you are you thinking damn it chat get on the same level as everybody else we’re talking about Xbox one games are we gonna be excited about rise and cuphead getting resolution boosts sunset overdrive.

 That’s a good one but is it sunset overdrive orrery on pc isn’t he’ll played already on pc aren’t a lot of these games or is it rise already on pc all these games we’ve already seen what they can possibly look like when they’re running better so all things considered the fact that my new xbox is gonna run my xbox one games better doesn’t do a lot for me sony has console exclusives that they can bump up and upgrade that nobody’s ever seen before so that is a selling point for Microsoft isn’t as profound as it being a selling point for Sony all I’m saying is that backwards compatibility Microsoft already did it right that’s that was a selling point of the Xbox of the Xbox one console generation series the the Xbox one s and the Xbox one X right the PS 5 having backwards compatibility is like a true selling point because one this is new to Sony this is new to the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 and if it could bump up those ps4 games that everyone really loves the console generation exclusives that people really love and see them look better that’s a big deal then as we can’t afford $2,000 gaming pcs.

 I don’t know why you’re buying Alienware what are you doing dude you can go buy a gaming PC right now that is going to vastly out perform what the Xbox Series X is going to be by going through NZXT dot-com and buying something for like way under $1000 the problem is that you have to do homework and that’s we will don’t like doing that’s why Steve doesn’t Steve specifically does not like PC gaming he doesn’t like doing the homework he likes having a box that just does the thing that he wants Xbox is gonna pull out a miracle because to me it seems like what Microsoft spending millions on tens and hundreds of millions of dollars buying all these developers up.

 I don’t know and then they’re probably going to be trying to get into the the new scape right they’re trying to get new titles and new franchises right which is cool but at the same time it’s such a gamble ,it seemed to me okay here’s what it seems like , seems like Microsoft has no idea what to do with it’s insane amount of money like Halo going through absolute development hell which it’s been which halo Infinite has been going through for years I would love to be absolutely love to be wrong and I think Microsoft worked for these guys Street literally years technically I’d love to be wrong we shall see they lack exclusives that’s just Nintendo has nothing but exclusives Sony had a shit ton of amazing exclusives throughout the ps4 generation xbox had dears and Forza and a halo that pissed everybody off .