Sony announces Eye of Sauron PS5

    Obviously the big news was Sony’s PlayStation 5 event which naturally I didn’t watch and absolutely hated everything about it the games look bad the Tim Sweeney it’s pretty great so Sony finally took off the wraps of the physical design of the PlayStation 5 yesterday but it looks like some of that wrap got stuck on something because what the frig is this I mean I guess it’s better than a weird shape v pizza pull their dev kit but like not really just like Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen Xboxes.

    The PS 5 will come in two versions one with and one without a disk drive meaning that the lot should be for next gen consoles launching this hope I’m going to get all on, but if you want to make your decision based on looks well the mean potential of the PS5 is undoubtedly stronger like it’s so strong in the force.

    It’s amazing Sony’s announcement livestream also showed off a boatload of games like so many and while it may be hard for PC gamers to admit frankly well they all look frigging sweet except for another version of GTA 5 this game is approaching Skyrim levels of platform releases among the titles announced was the new insomniac developed fireman Maz Morales which turned out to be just an expansion for the original game until it turned out one more time.

     That it’s actually a standalone game confusing KYNA bridges spirits is a pixar looking Zelda inspired adventure horizon zeroes Dawn sequel is called forbidden West and is absolutely the best freaking game ever and if you’re worried about all of these cut being console exclusives over half the games shown will becoming a PC at some point, so just hold on the night is darkest before the dawn which is not true but it’s usually like kind of gradual brightening but Suns coming up let the bottom dollar come tomorrow, let’s say in game mode for a little bit longer because the Sony event wasn’t the only dump of new game announcements made this week.

     The IGN Expo saw the release of trailers for the apocalypse good bid which looks as bonkers as it sounds middle hell singer which looks like do mixed with guitar here really that’s amazing dual universe a multiplayer mashup of space engineers in star citizen and void train a trippy survival game where you build and protect a multi-dimensional train in zero gravity yeah you know that’s classic genre.

     Anyways, a new Star Wars game called squadrons also announced after it was unintentionally posted on front page it looks like a multiplayer dogfighting game but forgive us if we’re a little skeptical that EA isn’t just going to release a microtransaction heavy abomination that spits in the original rogue squadrons face come on EA make it good do it for Porkins moving on to the actual tech news.

     Now Microsoft has said it will stop providing its facial recognition technology to the American police forces until federal regulation can be enacted concerning its use with the announcement Microsoft joins Amazon which said it will also stop selling its facial recognition tech to police for one year and IBM which said it’s pausing all development on facial recognition wholesale.

     The company’s decisions are reportedly based on studies ongoing since 2018 which showed that facial recognition systems performed worse when analyzing women and people with darker skin and obviously that’s bad now many law enforcement agencies across the u.s still use facial recognition tech companies but let’s hope that with the tech giants pushing for regulation we’ll see less potential for abuse now.

     It’s time for the quick bits brought to you by private Internet access VPN which lets you master IP encrypted traffic Pia offers over 3,300 servers in 30 countries holy crap and with no bent with caps it has configurable encryption levels and a kill switch to keep you in control and when combined with private browsing it can make websites.

     Think you’re in a completely different country you can practice your acting and pretend you’re British you can connect up to five devices at once whether they be Windows Mac Android iOS or Linux and P eyes may feature blocks malware and tracking domains I like my quit bits tossed with a some salt pepper and a hint Alam apple is removed two podcasts apps from the App Store in China after the apps refused to censor their content at the request of the country’s government meanwhile zoom has added new features that will allow the company to remove or block specific participants if they break China’s speech laws so in case you were worried about the trade war affecting Apple and zooms overseas business.

     Don’t worry seems like they’re doing Just Fab whoo I’m so worried about Apple every day Elon must research lab open AI has started commercial sales of its AI powered text generation system with reddit being one of the first customers hoping to use the tech to automate content moderation this would sound fine if open AI hadn’t previously warned that the tech was too dangerous to release I mean obviously they fixed it and AI text generation is completely harmless wait who wrote this zero what Google stadia is now available on almost every Android phone after a recent update and even you can play around with new touch controls as well which are probably horrible if you jumped on it early enough.

 You may have even sneaked in some leaked gameplay of Ubisoft god and monsters which accidentally got published on the service briefly before taking down Google probably saw a big spike in player count yeah but more than like ten and got all excited before they took the game down and everybody left again it’s ok Google snapchat has added voice commands to the app so you can now a snapshot to do things like make my hair pink and we’ll find a filter to do that it’s pretty cool I wonder if you can say his snapchat make me look like a Montauk.

     That’s the clock app and the Internet Archive has ended their national emergency library program which allowed basically anybody to borrow copyright protected digital books with no limits after four commercial book publishers threatened to sue it was a nice thing to do during the pandemic but you can’t forget about capitalism for that long.