Today we’ve got some shocking news about  the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 as well as  

confirmation of its key specifications  and that’s coming up right after this we’ve got plenty more news on the  Samsung Galaxy fold 2 we’ve got new   leaked renders at key spec details  and unfortunately some shocking news that may upset Samsung fans ,the first  news of the day is sadly about the s-pen we had hope early on from Ross  Young who advised to everyone that the Galaxy fold 2 what would be coming with  an S Pen but that’s no longer the case the elec issued a report going into  detail about why the galaxy fold 2 is  not gonna come with an S Pen they report  that the cover glass on the screen has been made thinner to accommodate for  the folding but this in turn makes it  less durable so it’s not suitable for a  stylus Samsung are reportedly developing  a cover glass suitable for folding and  for using an S Pen but unfortunately  it’s not gonna be present in the Galaxy  fold 2 interestingly enough ross younger  quoted this article in he stated called  this one sorry S Pen fans well knew you  didn’t call it Ross and you’re actually  the one to feel the S Pen rumors to  begin with well he’s come out with  plenty of display leaks recently we  haven’t really had the chance to verify  any of them yet and I hadn’t heard of  him till recently.

So I just advised  that then going forward we take his leaks with a pinch of salt until he  has proved his credibility but next up we’ve got a share from credible  leaker ice universe who shared the  galaxy fold 2 renders from blossom see  why the renders are for outside only but they show us a great looking device we  can see a rectangular camera module on the back with four cameras and an LED  flash on the back of the fold 2 when  it comes to the front cover we’ve got  a full screen display with a punch hole selfie camera the renders are based on  leaked can information and given the fact that ice universe has shared it, it  means that it must be somewhat accurate  they also fall in line with Ben Gaskins  renders who gives us a look at the front as well as the larger internal display  we can see from Ben’s renders that we’ve got a punch or selfie camera in the  top right of the larger display and of  course the only issue with Ben’s renders  is of course the s-pen but these renders that were based on earlier leaks when  the s-pen was reported to be there so the leaks should hopefully be right just  with no s-pen but next up we’ve got an  infographic that was leaked by et News  a South Korean publication and they’re  advising the key specs of the Galaxy  fold 2 the infographic advises that  the Galaxy fold 2 is gonna come with  a seven point seven inch display when  unfolded and it’s gonna be an LT PS 120  Hertz display.

It also advises that the   internal screen is gonna have a punch  hole selfie camera and a resolution of  1689 by 22:13 which gives us an aspect  ratio of eleven point eight by nine this  may be bad news for those hoping for a  sixteen by nine device but to be clear this infographic has appeared online and  its credibility remains unconfirmed it  also shows us that this year Samsung  are planning manufacturing 300,000 units of the Galaxy fold 2 and when it  comes to pricing we may have some good news apparently the galaxy fold 2 is  expected to be priced $100 less than the predecessor and this is of course  to boost sales so we can expect a launch price of one thousand eight hundred  and eighty dollars now this is by no  means cheap and it’s still a very luxury  product with an even more luxury price  tag but it is of course a step in the  right direction now again this pricing  leak does come from Ross Young.

So as I  stated earlier we don’t know his track record yet, but with the launch coming  up in August it’s not long until we can confirm for anyone interested though  it will be running through all of the  details for the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 one of the largest rumors  currently floating around the web  is that the Galaxy fold 2 is gonna be  the first device from Samsung to have an in display selfie camera well this  would actually make sense given that it is a luxury device that with a very  high price tag it appears it’s just not  gonna happen credible Lika ice universe  has already advised on Twitter that  something is considering this technology  for debut in the s-21 he advises that Samsung are currently evaluating its  feasibility for the s21 so there’s just no way it’s gonna be ready in time  for the Galaxy fold 2 the outer design of the galaxy fold 2 is also reported to  be very similar to its predecessor but with a larger external display although  the whole industry has been experiencing  delays due to the current outbreak we’re  still expecting mass production to begin  mid-may and commercial units should be  ready by June many are speculating that  the Samsung Galaxy fold 2 is going to  be releasing alongside the note 20 in  August so it’s not too much longer until  we find out we’ve had plenty of other  concepts for the device from people  such as on leaks in concept creator and  they all look incredible the future of  folding phones is looking very promising  and the galaxy fold 2 is going to be in  a similar form factor is the original fold.

But it’s gonna be even more premium  a patent was previously filed by Samsung and it reveals a foldable device with  a slightly different form factor than the original fold it’s more of a galaxy  tablet with a folding form factor with this design we get a much larger display  and a better aspect ratio for both media and gaming the pattern also reveals a  full-screen display when unfolded so this is where the rumours of the in  display camera originally came from of course while in display cameras do  seem very unlikely at this time it’s not impossible and nothing’s been confirmed  just yet the early leaks came from a South Korean publication who advised  the whole design of the galaxy fold 2 what was aimed at having a tablet  but with portability its reportedly gonna be designed to fit comfortably in  pockets but still provide a large enough display the galaxy fold 2 can supposedly  be used in the form of a mini laptop by resting the bottom on the surface  and folding up the top we then have a display on top with a keyboard on the  bottom previous reports that were also stating that Samsung was switching to  using ultra thin glass instead of that the transparent polymide were used to  and this glass was said to be capable  of using spen now this is where the  confusion originally came from as  these reports were published prior to  the launch of the Zed flip.

So we had  less information about ultra-thin glass  we now know that in its current form it’s not able to support an S Pen so  I advise it to disregard these rumors  when it comes to the hardware in the  specification that we will cause we’ll  get the 512 gigs of internal storage and  this will of course at buf s3 we expect  this to be coupled up with 16 gigs of  ram and it’s of course going to use  the new snapdragon 865 will likely get  some decent cameras but media is gonna  be the main target audience rather than  photography a device that folds out into a large tablet is great for watching  media gaming or even doing some editing  but having a large device is not the  best choice for a portable camera the  pattern doesn’t confirm that this is the  galaxy fold 2 or that this is ever gonna  make it to market but it does seem a  very sensible design that could take off  if it does we know that despite their  initial issues Samsung of continuing to push their foldable devices we’ve  already had the launch of the new W 20 as well as the Samsung galaxys z flip  with each release they’re improving the  issues they face and they’re becoming  much more durable products unfortunately  being a luxury product it also means  it is gonna come with a luxury price  tag although the price of the new galaxy  fold 2 is still very much unknown with  the launch expected to be July or August  it’s not going to be long until we do get some information.