Secrets you don’t know about PS5

The playstation 5 has finally been revealed in what’s been described as the largest livestream presentation for any game console like ever anything gaming it seems this was the biggest and I have to say while the PlayStation 5 system itself is certainly polarizing I am absolutely fascinated with this design and how they are making it all work alright so we might have later on at some point.

     This is a video where I do my best to deep dive into the overall console from what we know now and try to determine how it’s even put together because its shape and its design certainly reflects a lot of decisions that Sony had to make in R&D and something that we saw during that livestream of course was the PlayStation 5 but I don’t necessarily think a lot of us when we were first seeing it realize how big the playstation 5 really is.

     Now, looking at the front of the playstation 5 there are a few things that we can use to try to scale and figure out the size of it ,relative to other  systems that have come out before it, The biggest one you can use is the USB type a port on the front as those are standard size since you of course would put a USB cable or a flash drive or something into it so it pretty much has to be the same size across the board.

     The disk drive is another thing however the outline of the disk drive can be larger or smaller by generally millimeters. But, it can still kind of throw off the whole thing of trying to scale it up and figure out the size of the system but there were people on reddit who decided to take the system and try to measure it out and figure all this out and then I saw also people in different forms like reset era and others that try to come together and continue to compare it and we now have what’s been put together as an image.

    That’s pretty much like a lineup of all the systems and people, I think will be surprised at how much bigger the playstation 5 is then a lot of us were expecting it to be when we first saw it especially next to like the dual sense controller if you go back and look at it now next that dual sense. Yeah, it looks a bit bigger now.

     And now you’re thinking about it that way,the biggest thing here is of course a lot of us look at that series X and we said wow ,that is quite a thick system, I guess is what everyone was saying and  it is still if you look at it next to any of these here it is much wider than any of these, I mean it’s close I guess to the PlayStation 3, but that had like rounded off edges,and all this no the Xbox series.

     X is just like a brick, it’s like a cinder block. Right, so you can see how much taller the playstation 5 is then everything the one that really surprised me is the original Xbox one VCR which is a big system if you put it on its side it’s a bit surprising, I mean it’s there with the PlayStation 3 but once again it is just a brick like it’s not curved or anything and it kind of gives this illusion that it is larger than it is really no, it’s just a brick it’s a lot of empty space inside because Microsoft was concerned.

     I think with overheating possibilities after what they experienced with the Xbox 360 ,but try to take a look at the PlayStation 5 compared to the other systems, and  it being so much taller than even the George Foreman grill PlayStation 3 was a bit surprising. However, you can go right now if you have an Xbox one or an Xbox one X or even a 360 which as people are starting to point out.

     The PS 5 has a striking resemblance specifically the all digital one to the 360, when you look at it straight up like head-on it does it really does but you can see on the front they used the disk drive and then the USB type-a because you can take it scale it between all of the systems with the different renderings and it appears that the PS5 instead of going with wise they decided to just build up, so they basically did build a tower now.

     This of course brings up a lot of questions about how it will fit into well people’s entertainment centers I think it’ll fit fine and I I guess because they built upwards they figured  they can put it next to the TV on the side, they’ll probably be some racks that are release that let you kind of hang it next to your next to your TV it’s supposed to be able to lay sideways as well ,and I guess they’re going to have a horizontal stand from what I’m hearing unless it’s the one that they were also sitting it on vertically and it’s designed to also accept the ps5 when you lay it on its side but then you got to consider how I seriously mean this.

    This is a big guy and it’s going to be laying horizontally much wider than even like the Xbox one or the PlayStation 3, it still looks very sleek without that disk drive kind of on the side for the physical version the old digital one I still believe is the one that Sony designed initially and then they realized, oh! we got to put a disk drive on this thing somewhere slap it on the right side and push it out the door I guess but clearly Microsoft was not joking that in order to make all of this work they pretty much had to build a tower and I mean Sony did the same thing really they just dress it up a bit differently.

     Microsoft just say hey make a brick and put it out there that’s just the way it is sony at least tried to get a bit creative and they created something that people are either side of the fence here with this thing there’s very few people in the middle that are just like it looks alright , it is designed to be bold and it’s designed to be a conversation starter center of attention in the living room kind of thing we’ll see how that plays out for Sony.

     I am absolutely fascinated with how this thing is put together so I’m going to look over a lot of the renderings myself see if I could figure out anything else about this specifically the cooling because I think I was thinking on the right track when I was looking at that patent and saying that they were going to continue using that kind of to active zone set up for cooling.