Today I’ve got some huge news to share  about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. So another  week has gone by and again we’ve got   more leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note  20 we’ve had news of just how powerful this smartphone is gonna be we’ve got  some case leaks and a big design change that may please many fans if   you’re a fan of the Galaxy Note series  what  version of the note you’re waiting  for and if not then what phone are   you planning on buying but the Samsung  Galaxy Note 20 is coming soon and it  will of course be coming in two variants  we’ve had many rumors suggesting that   the Galaxy Note 20 and the note 20 ultra  are going to be launched on the 5th of   June and this does appear to be true  a South Korean publication has also  reported that Samsung are holding an  online Samsung unpacked event and this is to launch both Galaxy Notes alongside  the fold to the flip and the watch the report states that the launch is going  to be on the 5th of August and the release date of the Galaxy Note 20 and  the galaxy note 20 Ultra is going to be on the 20th of August.

So next up we’ve  got protective case leaks for the Galaxy Note 20 which fall in line with all of  the other leaks we’ve received we can see that this case is in a very note  like shape we’ve got the rectangular camera module on the back and if we take  a look at the sides you can see it they are very raised which means that we will  have a flat display many were hoping for a flat display on the Galaxy Note 20 and  it’s also been confirmed by ice universe who tweeted to say the same many have  been confused into thinking the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is also going to have a  flat screen but this unfortunately is untrue the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is going  to have a curved display it’s going to be the same as shown in this render  so if a curved screen isn’t for you then it’s the standard note 20 you  want finally we’ve got news of just how powerful the Samsung Galaxy Note 20  is going to be we’ve had plenty of news on the five nanometer Exynos 992 and  unfortunately we’re still waiting to hear if that is going to be included in  the note or not.

  But for those of you in   the snapdragon regions that then you’re  in for good news many were claiming it that there’s no snapdragon 865 plus  this year but it appears that those  people were wrong we’ve seen a few  mentions of it now and we now have a benchmark result with some impressive  scores so we can be pretty certain that the galaxy note 20 will have the  snapdragon 865 plus the benchmark is appeared on an – to benchmark while it’s  not from the galaxy note 20 it is of course the same chipset the snapdragon  865 + have got an overall score of 667253 if we break this down it was 185  K for the CPU 283 K for the GPU 112 K for memory in 87 K for you X to put  this into perspective the snapdragon 865 scored around six hundred and four  thousand in a decent performing phone.

  so  this is just over sixty thousand more  of course we’ve already had CAD leaks for the galaxy note 20 and the note 20  ultra and they’ve been used to create stunning 3d we’re gonna get right into it the samsung galaxy note 20  is coming with a 6 point 7 inch AMOLED the display with a punch hole selfie camera  top-center what many were hoping for  in display selfie camera it’s not gonna  happen and it’s most likely gonna be for the S range the dimensions come in and  160 1.8 by seventy five point three by eight point five millimeters which  makes the no 21 millimeter thicker than its predecessor and significantly  larger overall one thing that you may have already noticed is a flat display  on the note 20 I’m assuming this is gonna please a lot of you is one of my  most complained about features in the comments is of course the curved display  you can see that on the note 20 we’ve got the volume and the home buttons on  the right-hand side leaving the left side it completely clear if we take a  look underneath we’ve got USB type-c port a microphone a speaker grow and the  spen at the far left the sim tray is now located at the top of the galaxy note  20 on the rear we’ve got a rectangular camera module similar to the s range  and it’s 38.1 mil long by twenty one point nine wide.

  Samsung are reportedly  still working on these cameras so we don’t have any confirmation on what  they’re gonna be but it’s expected it will contain either the HM one or the  GN one from Samsung we can of course see that we’ve got three lenses on the  left with a periscope lens on the right underneath the LED flash you can see  the back panel is curved on both edges we’ve got slight curves on all corners  and overall it looks like a comfortable device to hold and still a very premium  smartphone next up we’ve got my favorite which is the samsung galaxy note 20  plus these renders were provided by Pigtown on leaks and what we have most  of the details that there’s still some unconfirmed information the Samsung  Galaxy Note 20 plus is coming with the largest 6.9 inch curved AMOLED display  we’ve got a punch hole camera top center we’ve had plenty of display leaks from  Ross young but he has since deleted the tweets so we can only assume there’s an  issue or he’s been asked to remove them we’re expecting an LT Pio display but  again we’ve got the punch hole selfie camera as in display cameras just aren’t  ready yet the note 20 plus dimensions come in at 165 by 77.2 or by seven point  six millimeters but with the trim down bezels it is pretty much full screen  we’ve got the volume and power buttons on the right-hand side with the left  completely smooth the bottom layout is the same as the note 20 with the s-pen  at the far left followed by speaker USB port and microphone on the rear we’ve  got another rectangular camera housing.

But it is a little bit  different from the smaller note 20 and I have to say I much prefer this one it  looks a little bulky with bigger lenses but I actually really like these camera  rings and I think it adds to the premium look of the device we’ve got two cameras  on the Left which reportedly could be the Samsung hm one and the GN one we’ve  got the periscope lens underneath over on the right-hand side you can see a  true depth camera underneath the LED flash again the edges are on the back  and overall it looks like it’s gonna be a great device we still haven’t had  any details on the pricing and probably won’t until closer to the launch towards  the end of the year but it’s gonna be interesting to see where they price  it the note line is always the most premium of the range well apart from  the newly added fold but the S range was priced relatively high and it sold  less than expected so this could affect the pricing on the note one thing we do  know though is that with the note will get improved display battery camera  and general hardware and of course we don’t have much longer until it’s  going to be released.

  Now we’re gonna  run through all of the specs of the  samsung galaxy note 20 and the note 20 plus the  samsung galaxy note20 is gonna be an   incredible smartphone and actually all  of my favourite releases this year will  see improved design display yet  cameras and more the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ,the note  was always much bigger than the S range in the past things have been changing  lately so it’s gonna be interesting  to see at what screen sizes we get with  the Galaxy Note 20 last year we had the note in two sizes which was six point  three inch in 6.8 inch displays we then had a light model come later with a six  point seven inch display given that the S range has massively increased in size  with a six point nine inch display now coming I’m gonna estimate that we could  see a Galaxy Note 20 with at least a 7 inch display now of course smartphone  sizes are generally getting larger so phablet sizes are going to rise too  given the success of last year’s notes.  

I’m also going to predict that we’ll be  getting a Galaxy Note 20 along with the galaxy note 20 plus we haven’t had any  solid leaks or information when it comes to displays but I’m going to predict a  6.5 inch display on the Galaxy Note 20 and a 7 inch display on the galaxy note  20 plus I’m expecting both more to be 1440 by 3200 resolution and that will be  a 120 Hertz dynamic AMOLED display we’re not gonna see an in display fingerprint  scanner along with Gorilla Glass 6 for protection now when it comes to the  selfie camera the note line actually led the innovation for Samsung last year  it’s gonna be interesting to see whether they stick with the punch hole camera  top center or if the Galaxy Note 20 comes with a new design altogether many  are curious where the in display cameras are going to be available for consumers  when Samsung have this technology ready my guess would be introducing it on the  note line but unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is probably a little  bit too early for this tech and it’s likely gonna be something we see in 2021  when it comes to the rear of the samsung galaxy note 11 or the galaxy note 20  as it may be cooled.

I’ve got no doubts  that we’re going to see a rectangular  camera housing Samsung have stuck with  this across their mid-range and their  flagship this year so the note 20 should be no different Samsung have also been  getting a lot more adventurous with their cameras so I’m gonna predict that  we’ll get a 100 8 megapixel ISO cell  sensor with pixel pinning technology  we’ll get a periscope lens with some incredible zoom capabilities we’ll  get an ultra wide-angle for those wide shots and we’ll also get a 3d  time-of-flight depth sensor we’ll also no doubt see better camera sensors on  the samsung galaxy note 20 plus compared to the standard note 20 in the hardware  department we know the galaxy note 20 is gonna be powered by the Snapdragon  865 in North America in the Exynos 990 globally was he up to 512 gigs of  internal storage with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and it will of course be  expandable with a microSD card given the larger size the Galaxy Note 20 plus is  expected to have a battery capacity of  5200 milliamp hours or the galaxy note  20 is gonna be around 4300 of course at both Galaxy Note 20 are going to be  running Android 10 in the form of 1 UI 2 .

And it will be ip68 water-resistant the  galaxy note 20 is expected to come with stereo speakers and no three and a half  mil phone jack and most importantly for note fans it will be coming with the  much-loved S Pen using Bluetooth 5 we haven’t had any leaks on the upcoming  S Pen but it’s no doubt gonna be more refined with new hardware and software  features the Galaxy Note 20 is set to be an incredible device and judging by  recent years we can expect the Galaxy Note 20 to launch at the start of august  2020 and release towards the end of the month when it comes to pricing it will  of course be an expensive device prices are expected to start at about 1100  to 1200 dollars for the standard note 20 and around 1,400 to 1,500 dollars  for the galaxy note 20 plus or galaxy note 20 ultra as it may also be called  given the success of this year’s Lite models it’s also likely that we’ll get  a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 light released further down the line it’s a great time  to be a samsung fan with so many phones being released by the company we’ve  got a huge selection in the a range the premium s and the note line on top  of the Galaxy fold and the galaxies that flip phone now I have to say the Z  flip phone is the only one that doesn’t really excite me.

But that’s just because  I see it is a little bit unnecessary it’s sort of trying to solve a problem  that isn’t really there in the first place and being over complicated for  very little reason of course that’s just my opinion though and I’m sure it will  be a successful phone being priced much lower than the fold of course that’s  all the information and estimates we   have today.