We have exclusive pixel 4a renders & exciting new information and i’ll be sharing with you right after this, So this week we have lots of details to share about the google pixel 4a, i have exclusive new renders , case leaks, launch details and more! Before we get into it please like the video if you’re excited for the pixel 4a and if not then what phone are you waiting for? So 1st of all those that are waiting , I have been shown the pixel 4a in a video i unfortunately cannot share at this moment in time and i have to say i like it. I’ve also had reports in that the launch event is going to be on the 13th july and the device is ready for shipping and has been for some time! so if you are waiting for the google pixel 4a then i would definitely hold out a little longer.

One thing i can also confirm now is that for anyone wanting active edge feature it has unfortunately been dropped from the pixel 4a. Its personally something i didn’t use myself and googles data showed it wasn’t as popular as they’d hoped. It was also part of their stratagy to reduce the cost of the pixel 4a to better compete in the market. Next up we have a ton of case leaks for the pixel 4a and they are everywhere. If you take a look on ebay you can scroll through the lists and we have lots of different cases for the pixel 4a. Now of course these renders are by the case companies and if you scroll through the lists on ebay you’ll see none of them show the front. Now my source has come through for me with the pixel 4a and given me some marketing material for the pixel 4a, As far as i’m aware i havent seen these anywhere else but they give us a good look at the phone in all its glory. We also have confirmation that the google pixel 4a will support wireless charging. We can see the punch hole selfie camera in the top left, the physical fingerprint scanner on the rear and the square camera module for the single camera & LED flash. There are still rumours about the existance of a pixel 4A XL but it doesnt look like its happening, While we may have seen images of a prototype , at least for july its not coming. We’ve previously had the pixel 4a leaked in a full hands on video that while low quality does show off its design & specs.

The Google pixel 4a live hands-on video was posted at by techni like plus and it really does give a lot of detail if we start with the design at the pixel 4a in the video is the black variant the phone’s covered in polycarbonate and unlike its more premium counterpart the Google pixel 4a has a punch hole selfie camera in the top left corner of the display it’s a pretty reasonable size when it comes to a punch hole selfie camera but we also get relatively thin bezels or comparing it to the pixel 4a however I would say the forehead is smaller but the rest of the bezels that may be slightly larger on the pixel 4a the punch hole in the top left of the display houses an 8 megapixel selfie camera and this does have image stabilization included when it comes to the display itself we get a five point eight one inch OLED display with a resolution of 1080 by 2314 or we had many rumors of a 90s display on the Google pixel 4a it’s been confirmed to run it’s 60 Hertz only there’s been no mention of the actual screen protection but it could well be the same at Dragon tell glass we saw in its predecessor when it comes to the rear of the phone we get the same square camera bump in the top left corner but unlike its premium counterpart the pixel 4a really has a single camera along with an LED flash the camera is however a 12 megapixel sensor capable of 4k video recording with the image stabilization another noticeable difference that you will notice is that the pixel 4a has a physical fingerprint scanner on the rear well many may have wanted an in display fingerprint scanner I’m just happy that they’ve brought it back my biggest complaint on the pixel 4 is of course the lack of a fingerprint scanner and what the face unlock does work very well I’ve always missed that fingerprint scanner the Google pixel 4a we have here is the black model.

So we’ve got a completely black back with a white power button on the side when it comes to the specs that the Google pixel 4a has been run through I 264 giving us all the information we need and the specs are as follows is powered by the Snapdragon 730 system on chip while not a flagship chipset it’s still a very capable 8 nanometer system on chip and we’re seeing it in a lot of phones lately the pixel 4a comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM which is actually 2 gig more than its predecessor in this model we have here has 64 gig of internal storage it’s still unknown if there’s also going to be a 128 gig version for Google encouraged users to use google photos in order to save space on the phone the hands-on video also confirms that the pixel 4a comes with dual SIM support which makes a nice change the phone’s powered by a three thousand and eighty milliamp hour battery in it of course comes shipped with Android 10 what many may think that three thousand and eighty milliamp hours is too small it’s actually an eighty milliamp hour increase on the predecessor and that was pretty reasonable for its battery life the reviewer of the hands-on video is stated that the phone is available for purchase in Cuba for around five hundred dollars but the phone hasn’t even been launched yet.

So it does seem very unlikely this is more than likely just an early prototype or even a phone sent out by Google to be leaked but as with all previous pixel launches we can be pretty certain that the leak is correct and this is in fact what the Google pixel 4a is going to look like the pixel 4a was set to be announced in May 2020 at the Google i/o event but as with all major tech events at the moment it’s unfortunately been cancelled due to a recent outbreak this could however mean that we get an earlier launch in Google normally send review units out before launch anyway I have been given their previous releases so I’m hoping to be able to get my hands on one of these to review for you guys as well when it comes to pricing at the pixel 3a started around $400 so we can probably expect the Google pixel 4a to be around four to four hundred and fifty dollars which isn’t a bad price at all earlier leaks also suggested that we could be seeing a pixel 4a xl but leaks have been silent ever since Wacka con who is a very talented concept artist has published this concept based on leaks of the google pixel 5 it shows off the pixel 5 in cinematic 3d renders.

And I believe it this is pretty much what the device is gonna look like we’ve got the triple camera setup leaked by John Prosser along with a very similar front display but of course that the bezels have been trimmed down in the concept videos he’s used the same color schemes as the predecessor which i think is probably going to be changed this time round but for those of you excited about the Google pixel 5 but then it’s great to be seeing this already we also had previous news about the Google pixel 5 not coming with a snapdragon 865 and it that there may be truth in this it was initially reported by nine to five Google and my pixel source confirms that it is actually correct so unlike the previous pixels that we won’t be getting a flagship chipset inside the Google pixel 5 or the pixel 5 XL now it’s not all bad news and when we think about it then it does actually make sense we’ve decided to go with the snapdragon 765 G which is still a great system on chip the snapdragon 765 G is a decent chipset that has integrated 5g and it will serve well in the pixel 5 this suggests that Google aren’t going to be building a flagship to compete with the likes of the s20 ultra and they’re probably just trying to keep fans happy with the pixel design performance and photography that we used to the snapdragon 765 G is cheaper meaning the sale price of the smartphone should be lower and if we think about the pixel users it’s mainly people who like the stock Android experience and of course video and photography it’s not aim towards gamers so saving money on a chipset should be a welcome move when it comes to photography of course we expect the inclusion of the pixel neural core and this is there to improve photo and video performance with smartphone prices skyrocketing this year.

It would be nice to see the pixel actually keep these costs down they’ve always been priced a little bit lower than their competition and with the latest Samsung pushing $1,400 it would be refreshing to see them either stay the same or have a very small increase when it comes to leaks surrounding the Google pixel 5 though we have to be careful as many of them are based on rumors instead of solid leaks I always give sources in my videos but to be upfront with this one there are very little sources giving info if we start with the leak that we do have a source for though it’s the camera arrangement on the rear we’ve had the cameras leaked from youtuber John Prosser and I have to say he it does look interesting the render is of the Google pixel 5 Excel and he advises that they are from cat renders of the real thing now it’s a soft matte glass back with a glossy camera module containing three cameras we throw an upgrade to two cameras in the predecessor so Google are pushing things further again with the three now important to note when it comes to Google phones that supposedly always three prototypes created and then they pick one of these prototypes for the consumer model and continue working on that so that does mean that there’s a possibility that although this leak is 100% accurate it may not be the one that’s gonna make it to market and what many people have said the design is growing on them I have to say I’m a huge pixel fan myself but even after a month of looking at this one I still just don’t like it he advises that the front of the Google pixel 5 is also gonna be similar to the predecessor but it’s gonna have a smaller forehead this is great news as personally I thought the pixel 4 was a huge improvement on the 3 so to keep it the same with a smaller forehead will look better when it comes to the display the predecessor had a 5.7 inch in a 6.3 display depending on which version you picked it’s hard to guess its size is because each year we do get a small increase but they can’t go too big on.

    The standard model because people appreciate the smaller phone personally I’m going to estimate that the Google pixel 5 is either gonna be a 5.7 or 5.8 inch display and we’ll be getting an increase on the XL to 6.5 it will of course have an OLED display and the Google pixel 5 is expected to increase its refresh rate to a 120 Hertz display the predecessor focused on face unlock and it didn’t have any fingerprint biometrics which I believe was a mistake I think Google may have also noticed this considering its return on the 4a so I would say that we can expect an in display fingerprint scanner on the Google pixel 5 when it comes to the resolution the pixel has always been sensible and they do seem to want to conserve battery life so I think we’ll get a full HD plus resolution on the pixel 5 and a quad HD plus on the pixel 5 XL when it comes to cameras were of course expecting a triple camera setup on the rear of the pixel 5 well we don’t know exactly what lens they’re going to be using reports are suggesting that one of them will be a wide-angle lens given that some companies are also introducing dual optical image stabilisation now I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this in the pixel 5 they’ve always prided themselves on great photography and generally do a good job at competing with the computer when it comes to hardware there are loads of reports that the Google pixel 5 is gonna be powered up by the Snapdragon 765 G when it comes to Raman storage at Google are always pretty sensible so we can expect 64 and 128 storage.

But there are a few rumors that we may see 256 Google always encourage the use of Google photos in to be fair they do provide people with plenty of space to fill it up Ram I think they’ll either stick with 6 gigabytes or bump it up to 8 with so many manufacturers putting in unnecessary amounts of RAM it’s always great to see Google keep it sensible battery capacity is normally quite reserved as well but the pixels are very well optimized for battery I would expect the standard pixel 5 to be 3000 milliamp hours and the pixel 5 Excel to come with a 4 thousand milliamp hour battery it will of course ship with the stock Android 11 that we all love in the Google pixel and it will be ip68 water-resistant when it comes to price I can’t see them having too much movement here they’ve never really used overly expensive technology and normally they do price below the other mainstream flagships I’m going to estimate that the Google pixel 5 is again gonna start around $800 and the pixel 5 Excel to start from 900.